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FIL-A-GEHR PPA® and FIL-A-GEHR PA12®: Two New Materials in our Product Range

We have expanded our extruded plastic semi-finished products portfolio and added with FIL-A-GEHR PPA® und FIL-A-GEHR PA12® two new technical materials within the Polyamide-area in our product range. As of now both materials are available with a diameter of 1,75 mm and 2,85 mm in 1kg coils in the colour natural.

FIL-A-GEHR PPA® (Nylon) is a particularly rigid and hard material. Thanks to its high levels of stability and hardness and its high continuous operating temperature, the material is mainly used as replacement for metal and carbon fibre filled PLA, e.g. in the engine compartment or fittings for water pipes. Different from carbon fibre filled materials, the print nozzles do not wear; the stiff material is therefore particularly suited for 3D printing with another benefit being the extremely low material distortion in 3D printing.

Compared to other polyamides, FIL-A-GEHR PA12® (nylon) has a low moisture absorption which is beneficial for failure-free 3D printing. The excellent chemical resistance, in particular against fuels and antifreeze agents, in combination with the high impact strength of the material, justifies the material’s application e.g. in fuel or coolant pipes in the automotive industry. Its very low susceptibility to distortion combined with very good layer adhesion and low processing temperatures makes FIL-A-GEHR PA12® the ideal material for 3D printing.

Flyers for all our FIL-A-GEHR® products are available for download in German, English and French.

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